Sound System Installations

Heaven Nightclub, London


Original photos: Nik Milner


HEAVEN:   Electracoustic produced a stunning state of the art sound

installation throughout five rooms in this legendary venue beneath Charing Cross.


Three Turbosound Floodlight systems including  a 25kW main room experience are installed.

In addition a broad range of Turbosound TMS, TSE,  TXD, TSW, TFM  and  Impact  

loudspeakers have been employed throughout the venue.


Crest amplification including custom high power class AB designs,

XTA digital and analogue  processing, Formula Sound discotheque mixers

and Renkus-Heinz VIP room loudspeakers are featured.


The venue's sound design includes a number of innovative features such

as rotating loudspeaker clusters to switch from disco to live mode,

a 50 ton concrete stage floating on a vibration absorbant membrane

for noise emission control and remote midi switching of XTA controller modes.


In addition the entire curved arch ceiling of the Main Room has been lined

with custom built rectangular and triangular sound absorbing panels to reduce

the reverberant nature of the building structure.

Nominee for the Molson/BEDA Discotheque of the Year (Apr 99).

Original photo: Ministry Magazine

Wildlife @ Heaven: Club of the Month, Ministry Magazine March 99:

Quotes from magazine:

"Best Feature: Too many to list, just brilliant"

"Worst Feature: We're stumped here - none"


Turbosound's Heaven Page

The Main Amp Room at Heaven with Crest P, CA and Vs series amplifiers, XTA DP226 digital controllers and GQ600 graphic equalisers

Heaven Nightclub's Website


The Star Bar in the cold light of day

The VIP Room

Original photo: Disco International


The Burn Bar

Original photo: Night Magazine







Electracoustic Limited, London, England