Sound System Installations

Dusk, Battersea

Refurbishment of this popular and stylish South London bar


Background Music, Audio-Visual links and DJ presentations are all catered for


Unusually, loudspeakers from six different manufacturers were employed throughout the venue - RCF (main room mid-high), Logic System (main room bass), Tannoy (rear room mid-high), KEF (VIP room mid-high) TOA (VIP room angled ceiling domes) and Martin (low profile under-seat bass). All chosen to fulfil an exacting performance, size, style or functional requirement


The RCF loudspeakers in the main area have been refurbished and re-finished in a custom RAL colour to match the walls. There is one in the pictures in the right hand corner above the mural

Electracoustic can arrange custom colour finishes for any loudspeakers including the ABS plastic bodied models here


Biamp Audia control system

MC2 and Bittner amplification


LA Audio analogue compressor and transformer balancing units for the long signal runs


Computer playback system

Zoned volume and source select controls


Kef Ci400 loudspeakers in the VIP area complemented by under-seat bass


Tannoy V Series loudspeakers in the rear bar