Sound System Installations


myhotel Brighton


A sound system installation throughout the ground floor of this superb new boutique hotel

The Merkaba has a unique design style and all the loudspeakers are hidden to preserve the line of the striped wooden curves

EM Acoustics i series loudspeakers are installed behind acoustic foam panels covered with colour co-ordinated acoustic fabric to match the solid infill.

Construction details

Under seat bass mounted on EPDM matting, unobtrusive but powerful

Turbosound high power ceiling loudspeakers augment the central area

Biamp digital control with five different zones, with local volume/source select controls

Kef Ci100 loudspeakers in the Reception foyer, Zilli Deli and toilets

Portable DJ system for special events in the bar. Quick set-up via wall sockets and instant digital switchover, transforming the Makabar into a funky and lively evening venue

MC2 and Bittner amplification